4 Simple Home Improvement Ideas You Wish You Knew Before

Most of us homeowners want to give our home a facelift but are often bothered by the expenses that come with and the fact that we don’t know exactly what to do. Contrary to what most people think, a home improvement project doesn’t have to be mind-boggling nor expensive. 

As proof, here are four simple home improvement ideas that would instantly make your home look and feel better without putting a huge dent in your budget:

Replace your old bulbs.

Lighting has a huge impact on the look and feels of your home and you just don’t need those harsh white bulbs that make the space look busy and stressful instead of helping you to relax. So if you’re still using the same old white bulbs that came with your house when you bought it, it’s time to replace them with energy-efficient yellow LED bulbs that will instantly make your home feel brand new with its more subtle lighting. 

Yellow bulbs are recommended by experts for their soothing effect, which helps you feel calmer, and LED bulbs also cut down on your energy consumption and they last for a longer time. You can also opt for dimmers over light switches so you can easily adjust the brightness around your house depending on your mood.

Throw in a good blanket.

If you still don’t have the budget for a new bed or sofa, buy a luxurious cotton waffle blanket instead and use it as an accent piece for your bed or couch to make it feel cosier and more comfortable. You can also invest in plush throw pillows in different textures and sizes to instantly add a pop of colour and character to your bedroom or living area without spending a lot of money.

Use floating shelves.

You see floating shelves in almost all home design websites these days. In a time when most of us are living in smaller spaces, floating shelves are a great way to add extra storage that also serves as your accent for your home. You can install floating shelves in your kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and all those unused corners around your house.

Replace your cabinet hardware.

If you’ve been looking at your old kitchen or bedroom cabinets and you’re aching to give them a makeover but you don’t have the budget for it yet, you only need to replace their hardware to update their look. You can either go luxurious with gold or silver hardware or you can go bold with some funky designs to add character to your space. 

Bonus tip

To complete the look and feel of your home for less, visit Alcyon and invest in one of their aromatherapy diffusers to place around your house and instantly make it feel and smell like a spa. You’ll surely love coming home to a space that smells relaxing. You can put diffusers in your living and dining areas, and of course, your bedroom where you can relax at the end of a busy day.