5 Reasons to Learn from Podcasts

Learning from podcasts have become a lot more common in recent years. The rise of podcasts didn’t just come out of nowhere. The increase in popularity can be attributed to the variety of content that is being dished out daily!

Educational podcasts, in particular, are leading the charge. Though it won’t be as effective as in-person teaching, here are five reasons how you can learn from podcasts!


Accessibility & Portability

Podcasts can be listened to whenever and wherever. This portability and easy access make podcasts easy to squeeze in between doing mundane tasks like driving, cooking, or even cleaning!

Students or anyone can learn from podcasts at any point as long as they have space-time by whipping out their phones and putting on their earphones. This makes educational podcasts or a property podcast to learn more!

Making education as accessible as possible is already the goal of educational institutions worldwide – podcasts can be used as a stand-in for that!


Podcasts Make Catching Up Easier!

Every student wants to excel in classes. Getting good grades and performing well in class can be difficult when they’ve already missed classes before. 

Missing classes kill whatever motivation a student has-and is falling behind feels incredibly stressful! Recording your lectures into a podcast can help your lesson when it happens!


Listening Helps Utilize The Imagination

If you’ve ever heard an audio drama before or an audiobook-you know, you have to use your imagination to picture the events. Letting your mind wander off into the land of daydreams is a lot more difficult when you have to think at the podcasts’ pace!

Not paying attention is not an option if you’re listening to a podcast. This means that if you’re studying, it might be better for you to listen to an audio lecture or a podcast than to watch a video on YouTube.

This could be different for each person, but in general, podcasts keep your attention on the work that you’re listening to!


Podcasts Can Accommodate To Different Learning Styles

Everyone learns at their own pace. What works for one student probably won’t work for another. This means that accommodating all the different styles and speeds can get arduous for a teacher to do!

Suppose you want to experiment with your learning style as a student, adding auditory learning through podcasts to the mix with the usual reading and writing! Teachers can also utilize podcasting to spark creative learning in students by making them make their podcasts.


Podcasts are Cost-Efficient & Effortless To Create

Creating a podcast doesn’t take much more than a phone, a mic, and you. Microphones aren’t too expensive, and you can hook them into most devices that you own, such as your laptop!

One podcast can be recycled over and over again as teachers get different students. Compared to other forms of less engaging content, podcasts are cheaper and a lot more effective. The platforms make anyone feel engaged and engrossed in studying a material just like Rethink Investing!

There are loads of already existing podcasts as well, so students can look them up. There are over half a million podcasts already active with multiple episodes, and some are even various episodes, and some are even multiple episodes long in bite-sized durations!