5 Reasons to Learn from Podcasts

Learning from podcasts have become a lot more common in recent years. The rise of podcasts didn’t just come out of nowhere. The increase in popularity can be attributed to the variety of content that is being dished out daily!

Educational podcasts, in particular, are leading the charge. Though it won’t be as effective as in-person teaching, here are five reasons how you can learn from podcasts!


Accessibility & Portability

Podcasts can be listened to whenever and wherever. This portability and easy access make podcasts easy to squeeze in between doing mundane tasks like driving, cooking, or even cleaning!

Students or anyone can learn from podcasts at any point as long as they have space-time by whipping out their phones and putting on their earphones. This makes educational podcasts or a property podcast to learn more!

Making education as accessible as possible is already the goal of educational institutions worldwide – podcasts can be used as a stand-in for that!


Podcasts Make Catching Up Easier!

Every student wants to excel in classes. Getting good grades and performing well in class can be difficult when they’ve already missed classes before. 

Missing classes kill whatever motivation a student has-and is falling behind feels incredibly stressful! Recording your lectures into a podcast can help your lesson when it happens!


Listening Helps Utilize The Imagination

If you’ve ever heard an audio drama before or an audiobook-you know, you have to use your imagination to picture the events. Letting your mind wander off into the land of daydreams is a lot more difficult when you have to think at the podcasts’ pace!

Not paying attention is not an option if you’re listening to a podcast. This means that if you’re studying, it might be better for you to listen to an audio lecture or a podcast than to watch a video on YouTube.

This could be different for each person, but in general, podcasts keep your attention on the work that you’re listening to!


Podcasts Can Accommodate To Different Learning Styles

Everyone learns at their own pace. What works for one student probably won’t work for another. This means that accommodating all the different styles and speeds can get arduous for a teacher to do!

Suppose you want to experiment with your learning style as a student, adding auditory learning through podcasts to the mix with the usual reading and writing! Teachers can also utilize podcasting to spark creative learning in students by making them make their podcasts.


Podcasts are Cost-Efficient & Effortless To Create

Creating a podcast doesn’t take much more than a phone, a mic, and you. Microphones aren’t too expensive, and you can hook them into most devices that you own, such as your laptop!

One podcast can be recycled over and over again as teachers get different students. Compared to other forms of less engaging content, podcasts are cheaper and a lot more effective. The platforms make anyone feel engaged and engrossed in studying a material just like Rethink Investing!

There are loads of already existing podcasts as well, so students can look them up. There are over half a million podcasts already active with multiple episodes, and some are even various episodes, and some are even multiple episodes long in bite-sized durations!

5 Steps in Choosing a Lot for Your Home

Building your dream house is an investment of a lifetime. For most people, this home will become their shelter for the rest of their lives. That’s why it is essential to choose the lot where your house will be built correctly.

We understand that this is a big step, so we have here some of the top things to consider in choosing a lot for your future home.


1. The Slope and Shape of the Lot

You have to consider the slope and shape of the lot. The slope is an essential factor to consider because it affects water drainage, whether it drains properly or collects the water. This is important because drainage problems will lead to issues with foundation, driveways, septic tanks and landscaping.

Stagnant water can also attract insects which can lead to some health concerns. It’s ideal to choose a lot with proper drainage.

You have to consider the shape of the lot as well. A long narrow lot is different from a square one or a pie-shaped lot. They all have implications as to the size of your yards, distance from your home to the streets, driveways, etc.

If you’re choosing land in Hillstowe, it is best to consult an expert to ask about these things.


2. The Direction the Front of the House will Face

You might not realize it, but there are implications on whether your house will face north or south. You have to consider the location of the lot and the weather in your area.

For instance, if there is snow in your area and the front of your house is facing north, then there might be more snow in your driveway since your house will block the sun from melting the snow. But if you have a south-facing home, it can be helpful with the snow, but you have to consider the air-conditioning costs during summer as well.


3. Proximity to Schools, Shopping, Work and Recreation

The location of the lot is ideal if it is near the places you regularly visit, like shopping centres, your work, recreation areas and your children’s school. Try to check the location of these amenities. Not everything might be in very close range so it will be up to you to determine if the distance to these places is acceptable.


4. Traffic Patterns Around the Lot

You have to consider the traffic patterns in your area as well. Are the roads leading to your future home wide? Is there traffic? Are they always busy?

You also have to consider that if the streets around you are alive, there is a high probability that it will be noisy. Nonetheless, there are laws that govern these circumstances that protect every citizen. 


5. Neighborhood Characteristics

Having a good and safe neighbourhood is also important to consider. Since you will be living here for a long time, you would want to check the people that will become your neighbours as well. There are house and land packages in Officer that can help you find the best neighborhood. 


Try to check the people in your surrounding homes. Ask around about their recent experience in the place. Check if surrounding areas are well kept. Do some research about the crime rate of the area. Knowing these will help you decide whether the lot is worth buying.

The Western Suburbs of Melbourne are Growing: Here’s Why

For first-home buyers, families and downsizers, life a step away from the pace of the city is desirable. However, you still wish to be connected to convenience and amenities. That’s why Melbourne’s west has seen substantial growth in recent years, to the point of new suburbs and neighbourhoods being established. Here we explore the most popular Western suburbs of Melbourne, and why they continue to attract an increasing number of buyers.

Here are our two favourite suburbs in Melbourne’s west. They each have a strong potential for growth in the coming years, with many already laying down their roots here. They have ready access to amenities, as well as bringing community spirit and peace to the table.


Sunbury has a population of 36,084, according to the 2016 census. It is a part of Greater Melbourne, and is generally known to be a safe and secure suburb where you can bring up a family. It has a small-town ambience where, if you forget to lock your front door or car, everything will be untouched on your return. There is a great selection of schools on offer for young families, catering to those who wish for a private education, as well as many fantastic public schools. Sunbury is a peaceful hub of connectedness and really, it is unsurprising in its recent rapid growth. There are many house and land packages in Sunbury.

Diggers Rest

Between the city of Melbourne and the goldfields at the height of the Gold Rush, you will find the town of Diggers Rest. The town got its name from its place as a rest spot for travelling gold diggers. Here, diggers would stop for a drink or sleep. The town has many historical buildings and a proud history, though some have burnt down in recent years, only to be rebuilt. This spirit of resilience and growth permeates in Diggers Rest, as it continues to grow in popularity amongst buyers young and old. If you want to be close to the CBD but want that peaceful countryside touch, Diggers Rest is for you. With little passing traffic and safe streets, this charming, quiet suburb lies on Old Calder Highway. It is 30 kilometres north-west from Melbourne city centre, with Diggers Rest house and land packages.

Here are just some of the brilliant suburbs sitting outside of Melbourne, offering buyers convenience at a fraction of the pace. There are many more suburbs worth exploring, if only you expand the bounds of your search for a home that little bit wider. Often, homes in these areas are more affordable and offer the same level of facilities as you would get in the Melbourne CBD.

As more and more people flock to the city, an increasing number of people are moving back to the outskirts as we all realise the potential and possibility that can be found with that extra space (and money in the bank!). Raise your kids, or unwind after children have flown the coop, in a place that suits your way of living. These suburbs represent endless possibilities. Why don’t you explore them today?

What Makes Queensland the Ideal Place to Raise a Family or Retire?

Palmview house

We go through different stages in life—childhood, school and eventually, adulthood. But perhaps nothing is more important and crucial than the time we start to raise our own family and when we retire. 


Queensland is considered one of the best places in Australia to raise a family or retire. Located northeast of the country and its second largest state, there are now so many house and land packages in QLD to keep up with the growing demand for housing in this part of the country. But why exactly is Queensland the ideal location for family and retirement life?


It is the sunshine state, after all.


Queensland is undeniably beautiful. It has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world and a lot of other islands that easily make it a coveted destination, especially for sun worshippers. Just imagine having easy access to the beach for those family adventures. You even have the largest living thing on earth right up your doorstep, the Great Barrier Reef. 


If you purchase a land for sale in Sunshine Coast, you’ll get to enjoy good weather for most of the year. You can run errands, take a walk, or just lounge by the beach any time you want that you would never have to go on a holiday somewhere else ever again.


It has everything you need to live a good life.


Being the second largest state in Australia, Queensland has been developed enough to have all the things that you need for a good life. For instance, its capital city Brisbane has some of the best schools and universities to send your children to, several companies where you could work, shopping centres for you to enjoy and most importantly, an affordable housing market that’s perfect if you’re already retired. 


But more than the basic necessities, Queensland is also home to historical spots, cultural centres, botanical gardens and 50,000 other interesting places for you to explore. Whether you’re trying to entertain your children or you’re just looking for an activity to keep you active, there’s surely one in Queensland for you.


It is one of the most budget-friendly places in Australia.


Living in most progressive states is expensive, but not in Queensland. Raising a family or retiring means that you have to maximise your budget at any given day, and the state is one of the best places to move to if you’re already priced out of your current location. In Queensland, you can live in a beautiful home in a nice suburb for less than what you’re paying for in a cramped house in other states. In fact, you can get a brand new home in the area for just an average price of $480,000 and that’s already located near parks, shopping centres and other open spaces. When you retire or raise a family in Queensland, you get to live in such an ideal location for less money.


So what are you waiting for? Start considering your move to the sunshine state. We promise that you’ll never regret it.